Chapter 2 is Here!

Chapter 2 is here! There were a lot of changes this update besides the addition of Chapter 2 to Thorns.

About the Chapter:

In Chapter 2, the player is invited to explore the woods around the Creature's manor. In the woods, the player can run into numerous different beings which can either help or hinder their progress through the woods. These creatures are extrapolated on within the chapter through the exploration of hyperlinks if the player chooses. 

This chapter has sevens potential endings including a fail state where the player can die. For more information about the process behind this chapter, please check out my blog, Literary Stardust.

If you notice any errors in the chapter including spelling or broken/redundant links, please let me know! Thank you for playing!

Change Log:

-Minor spag changes to Chapter 1
-Variable "cold" added
-Updated Variables
-Links in Chapter 1 section "material gathering" fixed
-CSS altered to try to fix scaling and clipping issue with text and images
-Formatting on Start and Credits changed
-Added Change Log
-Added "Current Progress End" page
-Added Save feature at the end of each chapter and Load at Start

-First fail state added
-Broken variable fixed

-Added separate nodes for the start of each chapter
-Removed mentions of "Beast" and changed them to "Creature of Fomorian"


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Sep 14, 2018

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